Sunday, November 28, 2010

Totsy SHOULD NOT be in business.

Websites like Totsy should not be in business. Seriously, I do not know how they stay running, with the massive amounts of complaints consumers are reporting against them. Totsy's grade from the Better Business Bureau is an F.

I am one of those consumers lashing out against Totsy. This comment/opinion will not be deleted, like all the other negative comments customers leave on their Facebook page.

I am an avid online shopping, and never in all my online shopping experience have I dealt with a worst company than Totsy. I placed two separate orders with Totsy. One on October 12, 2010, and the second on October 22, 2010. It is now November 28, 2010 and I still do not have my orders.

I contacted customer service, and they did not provide a clear answer to when my orders will ship. After the first two e-mails they stopped responding to my e-mails altogether. However, Totsy did help themselves by taking money out of my bank account for the items that haven't even shipped yet. Nor do I know when they will ship, since they stopped responding. My estimated shipping dates have come and gone, and I haven't even received a complimentary
e-mail explaining why, or even offering a refund on shipping. I had to contact the BBB on the matter. Hopefully now, I can get a response.

I don't see how this company even advertises toys and other merchandise for Christmas when there is NO WAY the items will be in on time. I would rather pay full price for any item than have to explain to my child that their christmas gift will not be in on time. THE DEALS ON TOTSY ARE NOT WORTH IT. Just look somewhere else. I'm sure you can find equally great deals on other websites.
Cliff notes:

Customer service is wretched.
Delivery dates are unreasonable.
Totsy should not be in business.