Saturday, May 29, 2010

Summer has rolled in.

This blog has been on hiatus since October, but summer has rolled in, so the updates shall come.
With that being said the kiddo and I didn't waste any time making the most of our Memorial Day weekend. Our first stop was to the Lawndale Art Center, currently on view there: Round 4, Spoiler, The Stand, and Farming of the Future. This is one of my favorite galleries to take my daughter to, it's a chill spot to check out cool art.

Being that we're MEMBERS now, our next stop was to the Children's Museum. Go dad for hooking us up! Despite the weekend crowd which was a given, good times were had especially outside with the WaterWorks. However, moms let me suggest you bring an oversized floppy sun hat for when you're outside because trust me when I say there is no shade to sit under to watch your child play.

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  1. What a cute photo in Ann Wood's installation! Thanks for stopping by. We're glad you liked the shows!

    -The Lawndale Crew