Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Remington College: Cuts for Kids

The kiddo and I took advantage of the complimentary haircuts Remington College is currently offering children 17 years old and younger. Let me start by saying, IT'S WORTH GOING! The stylists are professional, nice, and most importantly knowledgeable in their trade. My husband was definitely against the idea of taking our daughter to receive a "free" haircut, however, after I give him the great review that I am sharing with you now, he was pretty impressed with their service. If you decide to take advantage of this great opportunity, let me suggest that you head to the salon before noon. I was told by a stylist the salon gets congested with clients around the lunch hours.

Moms and Dads do not fret. Remington College is also offering 50% off on all adult hair services, this includes: cuts, chemical, facials, waxing, etc. Both cuts for kids and 50% off adult services are being offered until August 20, 2010. To find the nearest Remingtion College location near you, click here.

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